What to Do When Someone is Having a Panic Attack: 6 Ways to Help

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Though a panic attack doesn’t carry any possible health threat, it shouldn’t be dismissed. Consequently, if you become aware of someone with a panic attack, rather than being a mere spectator, attempt to lessen the individual’s distress, and help the person recover his/her composure by implementing these approaches. Shallow, rapid breathing can be observed in the middle of a panic attack. Thus, advise him to shoot deeper, slower breaths, which will help instill a feeling of calm and encourage comfort. Deep breathing has a calming effect and helps to ease panic attacks. But that doesn’t mean that you utter cliched phrases such as’take a chill pill’,’calm down’ or’just relax’. Now, only if these words could offer a calming effect. The matter is, even if it had been very simple to calm down, then the individual would not have experienced a panic attack in the first location. Some have annoyed after viewing their buddy in the middle of terror attack and state something such as’Are not you overreacting’,”Your anxieties are imaginative’ or”It is all in your mind’. Making such reckless statements will only make things worse. Getting rude or yelling at the individual won’t stop a panic attack.
A panic attack victim demands assistance, reassurance, rather than criticism. Saying something like‘you can certainly go through this’, or’concentrate on your breathing pattern and reside in the present’, may work wonders to alleviate her distress. Your words must communicate that you’re by her side and prepared to assist in whatever manner you can. You want to select the individual seriously, and make her aware that you care for her wellbeing. Attempt to comprehend that her apprehensions, and make her understand that panic attacks are not any danger to her health, and it is only a temporary phase that will go away. A sensible choice is to provide something which alleviates her distress. Offering an easy glass of cold water or a herbal tea, like chamomile, can reduce the signs of a panic attack. Many times, a crowded surroundings may make her feel uneasy and stressed, which may cause a panic attack. In these conditions, altering the location can help calm the individual. Open spaces, like parks, and provide a serene, serene environment with a great deal of clean air and greenery. This will help the person relax and alleviate symptoms of a panic attack. Oftentimes, a mild walk for 15-20 minutes functions to relieve the anxiety attack. Whatever location you select, be assure that the individual that her life isn’t in danger.
don’t Leave the individual Alone
Frightened girl
By telling the victim you will come back in a minute, will just increase her nervousness. A person with a panic attack requires assistance, therefore your topmost priority must be to stand by her side till she fully overcomes the illness. Generally, panic attacks don’t last for over 30 moments and in this time, it’s important to be current together with her constantly.
Telephone 911
Emergency phone number
A individual who has a very bad panic attack might not react to the aforementioned approaches. In this circumstance, calling 911 for medical therapy is indispensable. Many discount calling 911, since it’s a mental ailment rather than a physical one. But you have to pay attention and be worried about the individual’s health and whether necessary, telephone 911. In the event, the symptoms don’t subside, then it’s vital to seek medical care. The health care provider may prescribe xanax pills to take care of abnormal heartbeats.
Remember, just as you’re unaware, does not signify that panic attacks do not exist. Therefore, such as a Samaritan, do all that is required to relaxation a panic attack victim.


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