Signs You Might Anxiety Attacks at Night

In this article, we talk about Anxiety Attacks at Night. Prevalence of anxiety attack at night is quite common. Research statistics show that nearly 50percent of anxiety patients suffer from night anxiety attacks. Ideally, someone should not suffer from this while sleeping because he’s relaxed when he or she’s in that condition. Then, what might be the reason for their occurrence? Let us find out by taking a look at the causes…


Night panic attacks or anxiety strikes cause acute stress to some individual since he is unable to sleep properly and so, stays disturbed even through the day. They happen because of many different motives, the most usual ones these are recorded below…

Chemical Imbalance
The brain releases a chemical called serotonin, making the body relaxed and calm. If the mind doesn’t supply the body with sufficient quantity of dopamine, the body endures chemical imbalance that’s experienced in the kind of stress and panic attacks during the night.

Panic-stricken Ideas
While lying on the mattress during the night, the man or woman might remember the phenomena and events which have occurred through the daytime. If the day was stressful, the individual may experience dread, while considering it. Therefore, leading to anxiety attacks. The individual suffering from sleep apnea is awakened from sleep, a range of times, through the evening time. These several arousals brought on by sleep apnea, and can occasionally trigger stress attacks. Still another sleep disorder, specifically pavor nocturnus, can activate these attacks also. Certain foods, such as wheat and sugar, might lead to an assault in an occasional patient.


A typical person can experience a number of these symptoms, even when moving through a stressful period in life; but a individual suffering from stress will encounter these symptoms consistently, daily. Here are the symptoms, someone experiences at nighttime. Primarily, you have to have a shower with lukewarm water, prior to going to bed. This assists in relieving the muscle strain and therefore, relaxes the entire body. Secondly, rather than considering the day’s events in bedtime, meditate for a couple of minutes. Practice visualization and consider character or the things which make you relaxed or happy. If meditation methods for stress aren’t your cup of tea, read a novel or play with your kids. Fundamentally, involve yourself in an action, which takes your thoughts away from panic-stricken ideas. This is an established anxiety cure. If particular foods are tripping an anxiety attack on you, maintain a record of this and do not eat them.

CBT is a systematic approach to address problems linked to dysfunctional feelings and behavior. Take psychotherapy sessions by a psychologist and attempt to learn the reasons as to why you are experiencing fear and anxiety attacks. After, you’re ready to determine the motives for your anxiety, managing them will become simpler. Ask the therapist to urge some thoughts exercises, to lessen those strikes. You might also consult with a doctor and ask him to urge antianxiety medications and antidepressants, which assist in reducing the prevalence of these stress attacks.

Coping with stress attacks can be very simple, given the above-mentioned hints are followed to the tee. But should they continue after all precautions are taken, the reason might be that a particular medication or therapy isn’t acceptable for you. It’s advised that a physician ought to be consulted, in a situation like this, and alternative remedies or drugs should be searched.

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